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Blitz Dames v Leeds Roller Derby 17th June 2017

The Birmingham Blitz Dames will play Leeds Roller Derby in this Tier 1 triple header hosted by Bristol Roller Derby.
Bristol also take on Tiger Bay, and Middlesborough play London's Brawl Saints in this triple header.
Doors open at 2.30pm at the SGS College, WISE campus.
Check out the Facebook event for more information.

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Bomb Squad v Coventry Roller Derby 25th June 2017

The Birmingham Blitz Dames B Team, the Bomb Squad will play an away game against neighbours Coventry Roller Derby in this West Midlands derby!

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Blitz Dames v London Rollergirls Brawl Saints 26th August 2017

The Birmingham Blitz Dames will take on London Rollergirls Brawl Saints when they host this Tier 1 quadrulple header at their home venue of Birmingham Futsal Arena (Play Football).

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