Violet Attack

Violet Attack 16

Position: Triple Threat

Level: International

Story: The very first recruit of the Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames in October 2006.

Likes: Cookies, sci-fi, the two Davids - Cronenberg and Lynch

Sleazy Rider

Sleazy Rider 15

Position: Blocker

Level: International

Story: After many years looking for love in all the wrong places, Sleazy found Roller Derby and never looked back. While she may have been around the track a few times, this girl certainly picked up some skills on the way. Just ask Chester's mom.

Likes: Boys with guitars, boys with PhDs, boys with tattoos, girls with tattoos, ankle socks with mary-janes, skating, drinking, dancing, making out, post practice ache. My dog Sadie. Your mom.

Quadelia Chase

Quadelia Chase 13

Position: Blocker/Pivot

Level: Advanced

Story: Charmed by Sleazy Rider one night with talk of Buffy, boys and roller skating, Rip Lashes turned up at her first training session. Now transformed into Quadelia Chase, the only time Chase looks back is to check where the jammer is.

Likes: Drinking tea, Buffy, Angel, beautiful shoes and bourbon with a dry ginger mixer.


Nico 784

Position: Jammer/Pivot

Level: Intermediate

Story: Born in South London and raised on a steady diet of coco pops and pirate videos until her late teens, Nico then led a nomadic existence living all over England. Being accosted one night in Birmingham's Subside bar led her to (months later) try out roller derby with the Dames, and finally put an end to her wandering ways.

Likes: My buddies, gigs, cider, comedy and all manner of geekery.

Penny Block

Penny Block 29

Position: Blocker/Pivot

Level: Advanced


Likes: Books, Dinosaur Comics, Emmy the Great, Moomins, pyjamas, Rummikub, Venezuela, Victorians.

Sammi L. Smacks'Em

Sammi L. Smacks'Em 31

Position: Blocker

Level: International

Story: I have developed an unusual love for contact sports to relieve my stress recently. After drunkenly watching Whip It one evening, I thought what could be better than hitting (which I now know is called hip checking) someone whilst on skates? The answer is NOTHING. So I found the Dames and Sammi L. Smacks'Em was born. The rest, as they say, is history.

Likes: Hitting people, the Dames, my overflowing house of boys, the term SMACK ATTACK which my derby mommy gave me.


Bowser 808

Position: Blocker

Level: Advanced

Story: I was looking for a hobby and tried several things from cake decorating to karate! I found derby after my boyfriend heard an article on Radio 4 and suggested it to me. After one session I was hooked and just knew this was the hobby for me. I love the team camaraderie, competition of the game, bashing people and being on skates (which was a favourite childhood pastime).

Likes: Food, dancing and holidays.

Ballance of Power

Ballance of Power 77

Position: Blocker

Level: Advanced

Story: I'm a sports romantic. Found the Dames and I might just put a ring on it (or at least a love nest in the city).

Likes: Eco-fundamentalism, adventures, aurora borealis, boys with accents, laughing & wine. Preferably all at the same time.


Tantrum 328

Position: I like blocking and jamming

Level: International

Story: Watched Whip It. Thought 'that looks ace'. Googled 'Birmingham roller derby'. Emailed the Dames. Went to fresh meat two weeks later and now I'm my own superhero! Boom!

Likes: Wine. Food. Wine. Skating. Game of Thrones. Tequila. Football. Wine. Movies. Festivals and did I mention wine? Hahaha lol

Anni Ka-Boom

Anni Ka-Boom 403

Position: Blocker

Level: Intermediate

Story: After a long year of weekends filled with coursework and revision, I was looking for something to get me out of the house - preferably something warmer and less muddy than mountain biking in winter. Having come across mentions of roller derby in various corners of the internet, I decided to investigate and discovered the Blitz Dames, who were conveniently about to hold a fresh meat day. I went along, fell over a lot, met a whole bunch of lovely people, fell over some more, and was hooked.

Likes: Books, cats, spiders, bikes, cake; semicolons; geeky things.

Shauna the Dead

Shauna the Dead 302

Position: Blocker/Pivot and some jamming

Level: Advanced

Story: I'd always loved roller skating and after making friends with one of the school mums, I discovered roller derby! I went along to a fresh meat session with CinderWrecker and had the most fun ever and not really looked back!!!!

Likes: Chocolate, vodka, late night skinny dipping and all things zombie!

Han Grenade

Han Grenade 5

Position: Blocker

Level: Advanced

Story: Now I think about it, I spent my childhood roller blading everywhere, I even found myself at the skatepark on two occasions so it's probably not such a surprise that I enjoy throwing myself around a track on 8 wheels. As soon as I heard about roller derby I wanted to play it; skating AND hitting people, what was not to love? It took me a year to get round to signing up to the dames newbie day and I only wish I'd done it sooner

Likes: Funny cat pictures, pizza and physics.

Rollo Tomasi

Rollo Tomasi 24

Position: Blocker

Level: Advanced

Story: Very few sports utilise a large derrière in the same way Roller Derby does, so when I discovered the games’ existence in July 2012 – and that it was in my neighbourhood (Croydon) - I enlisted immediately. Little did I know at the time, I was signing up for more than just a hobby but a whole new lifestyle and focus. I transferred to BBD in April 2014 and am in LOVE with the whole league!

Likes: My cat Tiberius, Superman, hot dogs, cups of tea, hi-tops, tattoos, lie-ins, Britney Spears, red lipstick and Smirkcules. In that order.


Veloskitty 946

Position: Everywhere!

Level: Advanced

Story: My partner signed me up without my knowledge at a local Riot Grrl event. Two leagues and three years later, and I haven't really looked back....

Likes: My dog and my partner, Skating, Music, movies, Ice Cream, damn fine coffee, pop culture references and general geekery....

Dr Green Dream

Dr Green Dream 09

Position: Jammer

Level: Advanced

Story: I used to play rugby but when I moved to outback Australia for work there were no women's rugby teams but surprisingly there was a Derby team, as my big bro Smirkcules pointed out. I went to Mackay City Roller Maidens, MCRM, fresh meat February 2014 and put on my first pair of skates, and haven't stopped since. Early 2015 I moved to the UK looking for a job in a city with a roller derby league, again my big bro came to the rescue in a way. It was BBD or else... And I love my Dames!

Likes: My dog and roller derby

Lil Savage

Lil Savage 22

Position: Blocker, Jammer

Level: Intermediate

Story: I got into roller derby after going to the Courageous Kids awards that Rogue Red had invited me to. Helmo was there and told me how she knew Red which was through this crazy sport. After lots of alcohol and dancing she promised to send me info about the newbie day that was coming up. The next day was a bit of a haze but I had remembered most of what we had talked about and I had also saved the date on my phone. So the day came and I went to Futsal, loved it and the rest is history :)

Likes: Haribo, tequila, roller derby and my family.

Fox Smoulder

Fox Smoulder 42

Position: Blocker

Level: Intermediate

Story: Coming soon

Likes: Coming soon

Yelmet the Conqueror

Yelmet the Conqueror 9

Position: Blocker

Level: Intermediate

Story: When I left university after playing ice hockey my entire life I was desperately looking for something else to do. I learned that there is another sport where you get to skate and hit people, so I went to the newbie day with the Blitz Dames and now I love Mondays again (and Wednesdays, and Saturdays, and game days!)

Likes: I get very enthusiastic about a lot of things but some of my favourites are food, ice hockey, dogs and hitting people


Shorty 89

Position: Blocker

Level: Intermediate

Story: I got into Roller Derby because of a friend, and all this time later I regret everything!

Likes: Coffee and food!

Ann T. Venom

Ann T. Venom 88

Position: Jammer/Blocker

Level: Advanced

Story: Read about roller derby in a magazine in 2007, fell in love, but couldn't find anywhere local to get involved. Forgot about it. Remembered 3 years later, found the Dames and haven't looked back - or forgotten - since!

Likes: Tattoos. Heavy metal. Hotpants. Snakes. Fluffy kittens.


Stormrunner 284

Position: Jammer/Blocker

Level: Intermediate

Story: I was looking for something new and exciting and PAW, I found roller derby! So I joined, got into the swing of things quickly and stayed, simple as!

Likes: Roller derby, scary movies and hurting people.


RaGINg 97

Position: Blocker

Level: Intermediate

Story: A few years ago Nesstradamus said to me 'I've found this sport and it's played on roller skates and you'd love it.' I loved my roller boots as a kid - I lived in them. Roller derby sounded great though it still took me two more years to sign up to attend a newbie day and I'm so glad I did. I've never been interested in sport or played any sport before. I can't believe that I actually now have a drawer specifically for sports clothing!

Likes: My family and my amazing daughter, drinking berry flavoured cider, large amounts of coffee, ice pops, laughing, my campervan, seeing wonderful places.


Fiend 26

Position: Blocker

Level: Intermediate

Story: Roller derby had always been something I wanted to do, but always seemed to come as a passing thought. I already knew of the Blitz Dames, & it was only when I was working alongside Sleazy & a few cocktails later that I agreed to come to the next fresh meat day. The rest is history.

Likes: Baby bunnies, everything (mostly) in black, a good strong coffee, B movies, gin, Snickers & lollipops.

Blockerbye Baby

Blockerbye Baby 14

Position: Blocker

Level: Intermediate

Story: My sister in law started playing about four years ago and I went to watch her a few times before thinking, "Hey, maybe I can do this too!" and I was hooked. I love that I am always forced to challenge myself and push my limits.

Likes: Cats, my wikko skates, and the 1920's.


TriTerrorTops 39

Position: Blocker

Level: Advanced

Story: I was taken to see London Rollergirls play by a friend - despite replying "I'm a bit worried it might make me want to start skating" (as reminded by my TimeHop this week!) - flash forward a year and a chance meeting with a girl at the gym got me signed up for a fresh meat programme in September 2012. I transferred from my original league to BBD in April - and I couldn't be happier - The Dames are a bunch of incredible and inspirational women :)

Likes: Interpretive dance, saying where people are, kitties and TV shows about solving crimes.

TeRebel Attitude

TeRebel Attitude 7

Position: Blocker

Level: Intermediate

Story: I first heard about roller derby when I saw Whip It back in 2009, combined my love of skating with my love of Ellen Page and I thought Cool! That's totally something I want to do. But I didn't have the courage to go for it until I met Taylor Trash last year, and she encouraged me to come to fresh meat and I never looked back since.

Likes: Derby (obviously), hiking, motorbikes, cheese, gin, hats, eating the crusty bits round the edge of the oven dish.


Fearleader 2468

Position: Blocker

Level: Intermediate

Story: Coming soon!

Likes: Coming soon!

Dolly Death

Dolly Death 696

Position: Blocker

Level: Intermediate

Story: I first saw roller derby at tattoo freeze many moons ago I was hooked from the first time I saw the Dames play. After a little break I knew I missed the games and the team so much I needed to come back.

Likes: Looking after my bees, skating outside and having fantastic new adventures!

Graces Secret

Graces Secret 181

Position: Blocker

Level: Intermediate

Story: I read about roller derby in the newspaper and I immediately wanted to give it a go. Then, I moved to the UK and forgot about it for a while, until I met Mary Olly and asked her how to join.

Likes: Summer, TV shows, board games, postcards and chocolate

Ginja Ninja

Ginja Ninja 11

Position: Jammer/Blocker

Level: Advanced

Story: A long time sports addict until I left Uni and work stole my life, in Feb14 I suddenly found myself with time to indulge – but I wanted a new challenge. I suggested netball; my friends responded with sceptical expressions and amusement. Then someone proposed derby. I’d seen Whip It before (so unoriginal) and thought “awesome, all my favourite things rolled into one sport” but had assumed it wasn’t played in the UK… One internet search later I found the Dames and within a few days I was at my first session. Predictably I loved it and now it’s derby that has taken over my life.

Likes: Sport – especially competing, adrenaline, speed, banter and camaraderie (so basically derby and the BBD). Also: eating, sleeping, travelling, laughing, chilling, doctoring… all the –ings.

Killamity Jane

Killamity Jane 1903

Position: Blocker

Level: Intermediate

Story: I wanted to do something fun and different and after watching some derby I couldn't sign up for a newbie day quick enough!

Likes: Sci fi shows, crafts, naps and cats.

Izzy Dauntless

Izzy Dauntless 3

Position: Blocker/Pivot

Level: Advanced

Story: They say that everyone needs a 'third place'. You have home which is one, work which is another and your third place should ideally be something entirely separate from the first two things. Roller Derby is my third place. Roller Derby soothes my soul. And I would say to anyone thinking of trying it, come. I stalked the Blitz Dames for two years before I plucked up the courage to go to an induction which was silly because it's the most amazing thing I've ever done. But, as Superoxide once said to me, "I'd have been better off taking up crack cocaine, because it's cheaper and far less add

Likes: Being a silversmith, baby grammar, 'Orlando', rocking horses, having no TV, ladybirds, Radio 4, Bugsy Malone, clouds, my entire family including the dog and Bruised Martinis.

Red White and Bruise

Red White and Bruise 1776

Position: Referee/Coach

Level: Advanced

Story: Was introduced to roller derby from watching the short lived RollerJam nonsense back in 1999. After Whip It got reminded that roller derby still exists and found out the town I lived in back in the States actually had a team. Went to see a game just before moving to England and was determined to get involved when I moved over here. So I did.

Likes: Derby. Working on art. Ice hockey. Football of the American variety. B-movies. Video games.


Sephiref 255

Position: Referee

Level: Intermediate

Story: I got into roller derby because I refereed American football, while Killamity Jane played roller derby, so the more I watched, the more I wanted to referee indoors, so I attended the ref school the Dames hosted and was hooked!

Likes: Video games, Dungeons and Dragons, bad action movies and board games with friends.


Roisin 17

Position: Referee

Level: International

Story: Learned to skate in Belfast in 1975, grew up to be a police officer in London and then a divorce lawyer in Newcastle; married in 1998 and now settled in Birmingham living happily ever after with husband, 2 kids, and my true love, roller derby.

Likes: Growing vegetables, songs with good lyrics, the Blitz Dames, dark chocolate.

Kylie Volatile

Kylie Volatile 138

Position: Blocker

Level: International

Story: Kylie Volatile: the last surviving member of a race of genetically enhanced super-soldiers. She was created in a secret government lab which perished after the fallout of the facility's onsite nuclear generator. She was the only one to escape alive. From that time, Kylie hit the road, searching for someplace to call home and someone to call family. One fine day in Birmingham, she followed the sound of cheers coming from the local leisure centre. As she entered the hall, she was greeted by the sight of strong, sexy powerful women battling it out on roller skates. Finally she had found her plac

Likes: Sci-fi, heavy metal, Heroes (the TV series), fine dining, travelling, money.

Rex Tangle

Rex Tangle 4

Position: A team Coach

Level: International

Story: Tangled into the Dames web via Quadelia Chase, Rex Tangle spends his time coaching, skating, tangling, plotting...

Likes: All things spec-tangular.

Promise Payback

Promise Payback 20:20

Position: Blocker

Level: Intermediate

Story: Coming soon

Likes: Coming soon

Judge Dreidel

Judge Dreidel 6063

Position: NSO

Level: Advanced

Story: Started fresh meat after watching Whip it. After being signed off from skating by my doctors Summer 2014 I couldn't just leave derby so made the switch to being a full time NSO.

Likes: Horse riding, Judge Dredd, movies with subtitles, road trips with derby folk.

Edgy Iz'ard

Edgy Iz'ard 490

Position: Blocker/LUM

Level: Rookie

Story: I got into roller derby when a Facebook friend I met through local feminism posted about the newbie day. I'd seen that they played but thought it was on a banked track! When I read about the Dames, I saw they weren't called "girls", and convinced someone to try it with me. They only attended the newbie day, but you've been stuck with me for years ;)

Likes: Stand up comedy, Thirty Seconds To Mars, dachshunds, garlic bread and sleep!


Smirkcules 463

Position: Coach

Level: International

Story: Been involved in roller derby for almost 5 years. I’ve have been a coach, a skater, an announcer, a fan and an NSO. I’ve coached across three continents and have found a great match with the Birmingham Blitz Dames. The one thing I’ve never done (and will probably never do) is ref. It’s a lot of work and you can’t scream and yell loudly all that often. But never say never…

Likes: I love watching workhorse blockers. They may not make the biggest hits but they make the most effective hits and blocks. They are always doing something to help their team. They may not receive many awards but I have huge respect for them.

Rogue Red

Rogue Red 43

Position: Blocker/Bench Staff

Level: Intermediate

Story: 5 years ago friends of mine got into Derby and said I'd like it. As I have a stupidly busy schedule I said I didn't have time. They kept saying I should try Derby. After 4 years I gave in and came to a fresh meat day a few hours after getting in from a charity ball where I'd drunk *all* the champagne. Roller Derby has since stole my life.

Likes: My job. My son. My husband. Eating at nice restaurants. Red wine. Books. Cats. The Dames. Champagne. Shoes. Diamonds. And last but not least, champagne.

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