Want to join the Birmingham Blitz Dames?

As a fully inclusive league we accept everyone regardless of gender, ethnicity, shape and size! You can join us a skater, referee or non-skating official.

If you want to learn how to skate and to play roller derby, come along to one of our our New Intake Days!

If you can't wait to join us, you don't have to! You are more than welcome to attend any of our training sessions as we have new recruits joining us on a rolling basis. Just let us know the best date that works for you!

If you're not sure about skating or roller derby, you can come along and watch a session beforehand. Our Non-Skating Officials (NSOs) will sit with you, talk you through the game and answer questions you have.

What next?

Read through our FAQs on the right hand side and once you submit the form below, within the next few days you will receive an email from newrecruits@birminghamblitzdames.co.uk (please remember to check your spam/junk mailbox) and we will give you further information about the sessions.


I haven't got my own skates or pads yet - can I borrow some?

Yep - there's nothing like having your own skates, but if haven't taken the plunge yet, just let us know what size you need and we can lend you a pair. When the time comes to buy your own skates we can also give help and advice on which skates will give you the most block for your buck.

I'm not eighteen yet, can I skate with you guys?

Currently we only train people over the age of 18.

I'd like to have a go but I don't want to get knocked over on my first day!

Don't worry, before you can play full contact roller derby you'll work toward passing a minimum skill set that will teach you everything you need to know from falling safely to playing your first contact game. You can also join us as a referee or Non-Skating Official.