Diary of a Fresh Meat – Episode Two

As the plane landed from my week’s holiday I looked out of the window and thought; yay I can go back to Derby!!

Six weeks into our Fresh Meat stage with the Dames and we’ve consolidated to a hard core of five newbies. We have different skill levels but we’re learning each training session and there is always a moment of achievement.

Like Cross Overs.

Cross Overs are where you lift and cross one foot over the other and push out sideways from the inside foot. Invaluable for taking your round corners (and we’re on an oval track!) at speed.
Clumsy though some of them may be, the whole batch of Fresh Meat can do cross overs properly. Except me.

Whilst a tiny part of me is devastated with this, it’s been fantastic just how many Dames are coming up to me and giving me tips and ideas to try to help me succeed. Lots of them are sharing their stories on how long it took them to get these down.

They seriously care that I don’t over extend and potentially injure myself and they are all convinced that I will achieve this.

Who am I to argue with them?

Especially since I’ve already had my first injury. Like a lot of things it didn’t seem that bad at first. We were practising pushing each other to give a burst of speed – this is a skill that will help the team when a Jammer is getting through the opposing pack and a Blocker can give her a push to add some speed to her skating. If you have two Jammers close to breaking through the pack at the same time you want to make sure you take Lead Jammer and stay there!

Now it’s a bit of a shock when you’re a Rookie and someone gives you a good hard shove. If you’re in Derby Stance and centered properly then it’s a bit like a turbo charge. If you’re not in proper Derby Stance then your balance will be off and instead of doing your Road Runner thing you will find that your feet go up in the air and you come crashing down. It’s a tad painful… particularly if you’re a bit of a slow learner and it happens a few times…

Did you know you can actually give yourself whiplash by doing this?

Rogue Red

Practising Cross Overs is something I do at every training session and they are getting better, just not as quickly as I’d like.

And as our Coach’s are quick to tell us, everyone needs to practise and everything in Derby can be improved on.


Welcome to the home of the Birmingham Blitz Dames! We're an all-female, full-contact, flat track roller derby team based in Birmingham in the UK. We skate fast and we hit hard! Our league is skater run and owned - and we're proud to work and play as a team, and compete at the highest level. We take women from all backgrounds and train athletes. Whether you've played roller sports all your life or never tried on a pair of skates - if you'd like to join a great team and play a fast-paced, hard-hitting, athletic sport, come and join us! See you on the track!

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