Meet the Dames; Nesstradamus

copywrite Stine Kiren 2014

copywrite Stine Kiren 2014

1. What‘s the day job?

Head of Service for Malvern Hills Early Help

2. How do you fit in Roller Derby with your home life?

I try to make as much time as I can for it. It’s not easy as I have loads of different commitments, but it’s an important part of who I am, so it’s worth making the time for.

3. How long have you been a member of BBD?

Nearly three and a half years

4. How/Why did you choose your Derby name?

My Dad thought of it – It’s a play on Nostradamus and as my name is Ness, it kind of fitted. I was going to have a tag line of ‘Predicting your Doom!’

5. What’s the best thing about being a Dame?

Being part of a team with a group of amazing women from a range of different backgrounds. I also love watching people grow in confidence and really come out of their shell as they learn new skills and become part of the Dames Community

6. It’s a tough sport – have you had any major injuries?

Not really – I’m very lucky – I used to get knocked down a lot, but I leaned to avoid hits as much as possible.

7. What’s your position in the Dames?

Jammer and blocker for the B team

8. Does the company you work for support your involvement in the Dames?

Yes, I think they are impressed with the sport. My workmates have yet to come and watch me bouting, but maybe one day.

9. How do your family feel about your involvement with Derby? do they worry about injury etc?

My boys are really proud of me and come and cheer me on sometimes. My parents love that I am doing this. My brother just thinks I should grow up and act my age!

10. With #ThisGirlCan BBD have had ‘fresh meat’ days to expand the Dames – how do you feel about this batch of Rookies?

It’s so brilliant to see people at the start of their derby journey – often nervous, but excited. I can’t believe how far they have progressed already. Many smiling, happy faces

11. What is it about Derby that is so addictive?

The wheels!!!! It’s so much fun!


Welcome to the home of the Birmingham Blitz Dames! We're an all-female, full-contact, flat track roller derby team based in Birmingham in the UK. We skate fast and we hit hard! Our league is skater run and owned - and we're proud to work and play as a team, and compete at the highest level. We take women from all backgrounds and train athletes. Whether you've played roller sports all your life or never tried on a pair of skates - if you'd like to join a great team and play a fast-paced, hard-hitting, athletic sport, come and join us! See you on the track!

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