Diary of a Cadet

So because of Life, the Universe and Everything I went back to training on Saturday after 5 weeks off. It was great to see my Dames again and I had no qualms whatsoever about putting my skates on and jumping on track, having not given a thought to the fact my fitness and skill level would have dropped. Because of the way we train on a Saturday I was doing footwork and wall skills where our coach mixed up skill levels, so there were Cadets, Bomb Squad and A Team members training together. As a Cadet this means I have the opportunity to learn from better Derby players during the drills and the more advanced Dames have to adjust their game and strategy to integrate the less experienced into the wall to create the strongest opposition.

Working with more advanced Derby skaters is fantastic to see where you need to focus your additional skill training. At the moment I have just picked two to focus on and improve; smaller and quicker transitions to get into a better position, for example going from being braced to then re-forming and bracing, and my laterals. My laterals are poor on my right side but on my left they are shocking.

I imagine it could be quite demoralising to participate in drills with those who are so much better but it is actually a really positive experience. Advice is freely given and time is taken to go over a skill to correct footwork etc so as a Cadet you come away from training with the Big Girls with not only the determination to improve, but with ideas and tips on how to do this.

So thanks to all for Saturday but especially to;


Ginja Ninja and her advice on laterals

Violet Attack for correcting me not to use my toe stops in a wall and for explaining why

Sleazy Rider for her positive comments when I did something well


And as for the fitness level? that was possibly the most exhausting session ever!!



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