Diary of a Cadet

My posts so far have been about the skating and Derby aspects of being a Dame. But I also spend several hours a week, every week, in my role as a Director of Birmingham Blitz Dames, particularly on the finance side. Other Directors focus on other areas, but each of us are busy in the background on a daily basis.

You may think authorising invoices, making sure the in-goings and out-goings balance is not actually Roller Derby, but of course it is important for every league out there. The Dames are ten years old later this year, and since I’m a new Director there is already expansive protocol and systems in place that have evolved and then formalised over the last decade. I give serious thanks to those that did my role before me, and plan to automate and streamline it even more going forward.

So why am I including this in a post about being a Cadet? primarily because my diary is always horrible in June (Year End & Exhibitions in the day job) and so I will only get to minimal practise sessions this month. So I’m pretty much sulking about by lack of time on track. That doesn’t mean I’m AWOL – I’m still working in the background on a variety of issues, as is every other Director and Committee Heads (and their committee members).

But whilst balancing a spreadsheet is all for the greater good, I’ve missed skating the last two weeks and I know I have another week before I can make it back to regular sessions. Each week away from the track is another week I don’t achieve my laps or learn how to dig in better within a wall. Each week away from my team mates means I miss cheering for them when they do something awesome (Go Lil’ Savage!). Each week is another week where I see amazing posts on Facebook about learning how to backwards apex jump (Woo Hoo ‘Ellrasier!) – and I’m not there to cheer / learn / fall / try again, due to Real Life getting in the way of my Derby Life.

But at least you all know the bank statement balances.




Welcome to the home of the Birmingham Blitz Dames! We're an all-female, full-contact, flat track roller derby team based in Birmingham in the UK. We skate fast and we hit hard! Our league is skater run and owned - and we're proud to work and play as a team, and compete at the highest level. We take women from all backgrounds and train athletes. Whether you've played roller sports all your life or never tried on a pair of skates - if you'd like to join a great team and play a fast-paced, hard-hitting, athletic sport, come and join us! See you on the track!

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