Rookie Ramblings- Adulting sucks

Adulting sucks.

Currently between my injury and my postgraduate degree my time on skates has been very limited. Skating will always be there, however passing this degree is a one time only thing.

It’s been a big decision to take a small step back but I know that the team support me and my career and ultimately want to succeed.

I have tried to test the water about announcing whilst I’ve been off skates; thought to myself “I can ramble with the best of them and occasionally I’m funny. I could maybe do this announcing thing.” So my name is in the pipeline and I’m hopefully gonna get to have a go with something small and league based first before I try announcing London vs. Gotham 😉

Another reason adulting sucks

We’re getting evicted in the next 2 months and currently there may be a possibility that we’dbe moving to far for me to stay with BBD 🙁 now this is horrendous. Ultimately it’d be my decision; we have skaters from Warwick and Coventry who skate with us and commute so I’d have to decide whether I could do it. And that’s a massive dark cloud decision looming on the horizon.

The thing with anything to do with Derby is that it has to be right for you.

The level of commitment and sessions you go to has to be right for you.

The place you train

The people you train with

The choices you make around injuries.

No one can tell you these things. We’re all adults and we can all make those decisions for ourselves; those decisions just aren’t always easy.

Injury update- done 3 or 4 sessions with a new private physio that works occupational health referred me to. He has a mega-tens machine and he pushes on my collarbone a lot. It seems to be helping, might avoid the dreaded knife yet.

Bones out.

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