Under the Helmet – Smirkcules

He’s very loud and deeply proud to be a Dame.

When not coaching either our Bomb Squad or Team Wales, Smirkcules is an Associate Producer at a video games company.  This month’s Under the Helmet sneaks a peak at what makeths this manager…

“There are a lot of similarities between being a coach and being a manager of a team of game developers; You get everyone working together towards a shared goal and ensure the right people are deployed in the right phases at the right time. Plus you get a really fun game at the end of it all if you do it right!Smirksmirk 2

“I originally began to coach roller derby after I had a hard time finding a basketball team in London to be involved with. I stumbled across a roller derby bout near where I used to live in East London, messaged the host league to see how to get involved and that was it. Over the past few years I’ve coached, played, NSO’d, announced, cheered, volunteered; basically everything but ref at games all over the place.

“Video games and roller derby have both allowed me to travel all over the world. I’ve seen a lot of places I wouldn’t normally because of the sport and my job. The video games industry is filled with people with esoteric and unusual hobbies and interests so I’ve been pretty fortunate to have a good work life balance.  The hard times are when we need to do overtime to get a game out the door and I need to stay back in the office instead of getting to training. But overall I’ve had great workplaces and colleagues who support me in my endeavours; particularly when I bought the whole office cakes and sweets to celebrate my appointment as Team Wales Head Coach.

“Coaching and being a producer both allow me to do what I love best; getting the best out of the people around me to achieve our goals and objectives. The fact I get to do this with highly motivated, creative, inspired and passionate people in both my derby and ‘real world’ careers makes me really happy.”

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