Under the Helmet – TriTerrorTops

TriTerrorTops #39TriTerrorTops came to the Blitz Dames early last year following a transfer from Coventry City Derby Dolls.  She is a currently an A-Team crossover skater, meaning she lends her skills to both the ATeam and the Bomb Squad if and when called upon.  When not treading Futsal’s delightfully blue boards, Terror is Head of Drama at a secondary school.

“I love being a teacher: I love that every day is different, I love that I never know what the students will come up with, I love the look on the leadership teams’ faces when I suggest my next hare-brained scheme (I’ve covered my whole Drama studio in mud, I’ve hung all manner of things from my ceiling, I’ve ended up in A&E through both interpretive dance and opening a door into my own face).

Being a teacher is hard: The long hours; leaving home at 7am and not returning until at least 7pm, then having more marking and planning to do; the heartaches; watching students I know are exceptionally talented being moved schools; sitting in a room with 100 separate reports to write…and that’s just Yr7. It is exhausting and all consuming.

In 2012 I realised I’d lost myself – I had become ‘Miss Nunweiler’ rather than Nikki and I had barely anything in my life that was my own (except my now-husband and then-baby-kitten-now-giant-panther Troy).

I would get up, drive to work, then come home and work some more until 10pm when I’d crash in bed. Rinse and repeat. I was miserable.

Roller Derby gave me what I so sorely needed – a voice for me. The girls there talked to me because they wanted to – not just because they were behind me in the photocopy queue, and for the first time I felt like me, not my job. For the first time I didn’t feel guilty about not working for those few hours a week because it was important. For the first time, I felt like I belonged. Roller derby made me feel stronger – emotionally and physically. It is the best decision I ever made!”Terror the teacher

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