Under the Helmet: Dr Green Dream

Dr Green Dream is a Jammer for the Blitz Dames A Team. She moved to Birmingham a year ago from Australia, transferring from the Mackay City Roller Maidens.
In her non-derby life, she trades skates for scrubs and goes by the kindlier moniker of Dr Jade Heales, veterinarian.
“I have been a vet for almost three years now and I moved to UK a year ago from Australia, with my dog Arwen, to get some life and derby experiences on the other side of world. There are many great things about being a vet; the poorly animals getting better, the love and dedication owners have for their furry family members, the new challenges that everyday brings and the occasional cuddle during those quiet times with patients.

Dr Green Dream at her day job

Dr Green Dream at her day job

Unfortunately, in my line of work there also comes hardships and things that never seem to get easier; the long shifts sometimes without stopping for toilet or snack breaks and, of course, euthanasias. There are still times when I can’t help but cry with a client. It is one of the most challenging careers I could have chosen for myself – it is mentally, emotionally and physically demanding. Although the devastating cases will always be foremost in my mind, I have to keep reminding myself of those patients and their owners, whose lives I have helped.

With such a demanding career, a healthy work:life balance is crucial. I have achieved this with the help of Arwen (who really should be called Shadow as she comes almost everywhere with me) as she enjoys long walks in the English countryside, and roller derby. I haven’t got time for the gym and find exercise much more enjoyable in a team sport environment, this keeps me pretty fit. Roller derby also helps on those tough emotional days – the girls can knock me flat really well but they also give really good hugs”.


Dr Green Dream #09

Dr Green Dream #09


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