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Referee School with the Birmingham Blitz Dames starts on the 3rd October 2015! If you love Derby but don’t fancy being hit by our lovely Violet Attack (with her shoulders of steel) then being a Referee could be for you.

Ref’s are essential to the League and we have some lovely ones:

Some of our lovely Referees

Some of our lovely Referees

But don’t just take our word that being a Ref is awesome; here’s what our very own Red White & Bruise has to say;

Reffing is a sort of game unto itself, where you are trying to catch people doing something they shouldn’t and it feels good when you do. It’s also something of a puzzle, because the rulebook just states the rules but there’s a ton of situations that can happen that you have to figure out what the call should be in an instant. It’s tough but rewarding. Also for people like me who both play derby and ref, being knowledgeable of the rules can give you an edge during a game over players who never bother learning the intricacies of the rules.” – Red White & Bruise

Red, White & Bruise

Red, White & Bruise

Find out more about Ref School Here

See you on the track!


Welcome to the home of the Birmingham Blitz Dames! We're an all-female, full-contact, flat track roller derby team based in Birmingham in the UK. We skate fast and we hit hard! Our league is skater run and owned - and we're proud to work and play as a team, and compete at the highest level. We take women from all backgrounds and train athletes. Whether you've played roller sports all your life or never tried on a pair of skates - if you'd like to join a great team and play a fast-paced, hard-hitting, athletic sport, come and join us! See you on the track!

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