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Rookie Ramblings- Skates, why’d it have to be Skates

So diary of a fresh meat has ended with our wonderful Rogue Red graduating to the Cadets and passing on the baton to little old me. Findiana Bones Some history; I joined the Dames in March 2015 ( I think

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Under the Helmet – TriTerrorTops

TriTerrorTops came to the Blitz Dames early last year following a transfer from Coventry City Derby Dolls.  She is a currently an A-Team crossover skater, meaning she lends her skills to both the ATeam and the Bomb Squad if and

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Diary of a Fresh Meat – The Final Chapter

So I have passed my minimum skills and I have very mixed feelings about this. Firstly, as I scrimmed with the Big Girls and took part in a Cherry Popper the following week, I am very grateful to all my

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Diary of an Adolescent Zebra – episode one

My name is Grumpy Cates, and I stepped into the world of refereeing almost two years ago. I hadn’t joined roller derby with the intention of being a referee, but I had really got into NSOing and it was taking

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Under the Helmet: Dr Green Dream

Dr Green Dream is a Jammer for the Blitz Dames A Team. She moved to Birmingham a year ago from Australia, transferring from the Mackay City Roller Maidens. In her non-derby life, she trades skates for scrubs and goes by

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