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Rookie Ramblings: Rio Grande

All is a bit quiet on the Western front in the land of Bones, but all is not lost. I’m not gonna lie, I had a bit of a Derby Melt; when you’re not sure you’re cut out for roller

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Rookie Ramblings- Adulting sucks

Adulting sucks. Currently between my injury and my postgraduate degree my time on skates has been very limited. Skating will always be there, however passing this degree is a one time only thing. It’s been a big decision to take

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Rookie Ramblings- Inspiration on 8 wheels

Me again, late as usual but life’s been very busy. This weekend has seen our A team travel to Belgium to play a Skate Odessy  (SKOD) 2016. We were ranked 9th or 10th and finished 7th. The level of Derby

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Rookie Ramblings- Skates, why’d it have to be Skates

So diary of a fresh meat has ended with our wonderful Rogue Red graduating to the Cadets and passing on the baton to little old me. Findiana Bones Some history; I joined the Dames in March 2015 ( I think

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